A Live Multi-Location VR Experience Connecting Audiences across the Globe



Enter an experience between light & darkness, rave & ritual, and digital & physical realities – Gloaming, a 1-hour immersive live performance.

Two groups gather on opposite sides of the world, one at dawn and one at dusk. Making their way through a physical multi-sensory art installation, the audience is given VR headsets to see a hybrid world and conjure new ways of exploring virtual & physical touch with each other.

Their guide, a live motion-capture dancer, brings audiences together in a party like no other in this multi-reality adventure in togetherness.

The Creators


Leonie Rae Gasson
Dave Lynch

Dave Lynch is an award-winning artist, storyteller and creative director at research collective Immersive Networks. His work inspires critical engagement between ourselves, our society and our environment by combining embodied practices and applied storytelling techniques with new and old technologies to construct spaces conducive to interdisciplinary imagination.  

Recent projects include: a three-year medical humanities lab (LivingBodiesObjects); AI image generation protocols with South American indigenous cultures (IndigenIA); an interactive sculpture enabling participants to ‘touch’ sleep data, explored in a new book published by MIT (Touching Sleep).

Dave is known for producing the first moving-image projections on to clouds from a moving aircraft, sparking conspiracy theories of breaking the Fourth Seal of Revelations. Other accolades include RIFA Best Climate Emergency Film (2021), Ars Electronica STARTS Prize nominee.

Athomas Goldberg

Athomas Goldberg is an innovative leader and pioneer at the intersection of new media, performance arts, and technology. With a career spanning nearly three decades, Athomas has established himself as a visionary in virtual and augmented reality, motion capture, and
 nteractive installations, contributing significantly to the evolution of digital arts.

As the Creative Director of Shocap Entertainment and a founding member of Pepper’s Ghost New Media & Performing Arts Collective, he has directed and produced groundbreaking live virtual events, XR performances, and interactive theatrical experiences that have captivated audiences worldwide. His expertise in animation design, technical direction, and immersive storytelling has pushed the boundaries of traditional media and fostered new ways of experiencing art and performance.

Athomas’s work, recognized globally through presentations at prestigious venues including SIGGRAPH, ISEA, SXSW, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, reflects his commitment to merging artistic expression with cutting-edge technology to create unforgettable experiences.